About Us

buildingCTEC is a diverse business solutions company whose mission is to improve communication and productivity. Our focus is on infrastructure and low voltage systems that are vital to every organization. We design, install and maintain structured and backbone cabling systems; wireless systems; telephone and data networks; audiovisual equipment; videoconferencing systems; plus security, access control and other essential systems.

The company can trace its roots to Center Line Electric, Inc., a major, Midwestern electrical contracting firm established in 1957. Today CTEC operates as a wholly independent technology firm with an accomplished staff of design engineers, electrical engineers, certified technicians and service personnel. CTEC provides comprehensive services to Fortune 500 corporations, architectural firms, construction firms and government agencies.

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We maintain high levels of insurance protection to assure our clients satisfaction. Our general liability coverage is $10 million, with $20 million in aggregate performance bonds. With our comprehensive portfolio of services, CTEC is your trusted partner for dependable, integrated communications technologies.