Audience in the conference hall.Technology is essential in the classroom. But if it seems complex, confusing and costly, CTEC will make it clear and accessible.

Classroom technology is as essential to teaching today as textbooks and overhead projectors were a generation ago. Educators simply cannot engage students without a more interactive experience. Students expect it. In fact they often cite a school’s technological sophistication when explaining their choice of one college or university over another. From interactive presentation, distributed video, MOOCs (online courses) and archived lectures to media labs, collaborative learning centers and campus-wide wireless access, technology is changing teaching in profound ways.

CTEC creates systems that support and enhance the educators’ mission including:

  • Structured Cabling Solutions for Data & Communication
  • Distributed Video and Audio Systems
  • Recording, Archiving and Distribution Systems
  • Collaborative Technologies for Classrooms, Learning Labs, Lounges
  • Media Labs, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, Libraries
  • Multi-camera Stages with Broadcast Capabilities
  • Networking Systems for Classrooms, Administrative and Faculty Offices
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Digital Signage with Centralized Administration for Multiple Display Locations
  • Security, Access Control, Video Surveillance Systems

Technology is energizing the learning environment and we can help you get the most value from it.

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