Communication Infrastructure That Helps Keep Everyone Online and On Time

Faultless communication systems at transportation hubs such as Detroit Metropolitan Airport are absolutely critical to their daily operations. Practically every operation, from tracking flights and passengers, to scheduling, maintenance, logistics, freight operations and others are totally dependent on communication and data networks. What’s more, audiovisual systems are critical assets to keep passengers informed, on time, or entertained. Digital signage and wayfinding systems keep visitor traffic moving efficiently. Security, video surveillance, and access control systems help to maintain safe operations. But the size and architecture of these facilities present unique challenges. We understand those challenges. Our infrastructure and technology experience for transportation centers include:

  • Backbone Cabling Solutions for All Infrastructure Types
  • Structured Cabling Solutions for Data & Communication
  • Wireless Networks
  • Audiovisual, Paging, Security Systems
  • Video Surveillance, Access Control Systems
  • Digital Signage, Kiosks, Wayfinding Systems

CTEC can evaluate the challenges, consult on solutions, design robust systems, and install and maintain them to help transportation related businesses operate more efficiently.

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