Accretive Health

AV System Design and Build-out

When Accretive Health, a Chicago-based professional services company serving 79 hospitals with collective net-patient-revenue exceeding $16 billion, planned to consolidate its call center operations, a robust AV system was a critical component of their strategy. Besides supporting call center operations, the new AV system had to enable onsite and remote meetings, and support employee training. An agile, intuitive system was mandatory for a company that deploys the latest technology to serve its customers.

Their new Michigan location encompassed 37,000 sq. ft. of new construction across two floors of a Southfield office tower. CTEC was previously contracted to install structured cabling for all data and communication networks. Following a comprehensive bidding process Accretive Health then awarded CTEC the additional contract to design and install the AV system. Because Accretive Health does not have an in-house AV support department the goals were clear: the system needed to be simple to use and extremely reliable.

Our design for multiple training rooms repurposed SMART boards and projectors from their Chicago location. These were supplemented with up-to-date control technology and sound systems. The training rooms transitioned from an analog environment to all-digital using systems and controls.

The Boardroom

This is where new customer presentations are made — it’s a must-work room. Dual 90” monitors display content from one of eight inputs. Multiple images can be displayed on screen and since Accretive Health is a Microsoft Lync house a Crestron RL2 system was used as the interface. Audio is integrated for VoIP audio conferencing and as the audio source for the Lync calls. A touch screen control panel provides a standard Lync interface and a custom interface that delivers exceptional ease-of-use.

Conference Room

Distance meeting, presentations and collaborative work can be done with a video conferencing system in the conference room. A single button lets the end user choose between video conferencing and presentation tools, as well as 6 other input sources right at the table. The system proved so simple that Accretive team members were using the room before it was complete and the staff trained to use it.

Open Office Sound Masking

Sound masking was crucial in this environment to help eliminate audio distractions where the primary activity is providing customers with information over the phone. Due to varying degrees of masking required, the floors were divided into 12 zones that allow departments to set their preferred level. We installed emitters in the ceiling grid after the tiles had gone up to meet the tight schedule.

Digital Signage

Digital signage was installed in two lobbies using a video wall configuration with digital content managers that allow for easy updates. The system can be programmed to turn itself on in the morning and off at night or on weekends. A more sophisticated digital signage system was provided for the main floors of the call center using network players and software that allow for real-time content and monitoring of call-waiting times. The system can also be integrated with other offices locally and around the world.

Close project management and installation were required throughout. The time frame for installation was very tight and needed to be carefully coordinated with numerous other construction and finishing trades. Coordinating with their IT staff for connection to the network was a critical element during the process because most AV hardware needs a network connection. Since CTEC also provided the structured cabling connectivity, the entire process for design and installation of the AV system was made easier. With our portfolio of integrated products and services, we were the most logical partners to provide exactly what was need in the most efficient way for Accretive Health.