Aramco Services

Office Expansion Incorporating AV Technologies

As part of the world’s leading energy company, this regional hub conducts energy research into advanced engine-fuel systems and development. With related research labs across the country and the world, Aramco in Novi Michigan is part of a network of offices that leverage scientific expertise in collaborative environments.

After Aramco completed the first floor build-out of a multi-year, multi-phase project new AV capabilities were needed to enable their culture of innovation and collaboration. The goal was to add a dividable training room. These new workspaces would incorporate both wired and wireless connectivity, and when the spaces were configured as a single large room, it would include an oversize projection screen with video conferencing capabilities.

The main conference room was to combine large screen presentation capabilities with video and audio conferencing capabilities that use flat screen monitors. A smaller huddle space with video conferencing capabilities to be used for casual or impromptu meetings was also needed.

Multi-purpose Training Room

The training/conference room was designed with no fixed table positions to offer a variety of room layouts. To support this flexible floor plan, we installed a presentation system allows everyone in attendance to connect wirelessly via a mobile device to participate, present and share information. The system is matched with a 90” flat panel monitor that delivers great impact. In addition to wireless connectivity there are floor poke-thrus with HDMI and VGA connections. When the individual workspaces are combined, a projector and recessed ceiling screen are used to project a large image suitable for the entire room. A wireless touch screen control routes content easily, depending on the room set-up required.

Audio conferencing and audio pickup is provided by two hanging tri-element ceiling microphones on each side of the room, and is processed for VoIP audio conferencing as well as the video conferencing system.

Conference Room

A separate conference room uses a projector and recessed ceiling screen that projects an image large enough for the entire room. All input signals can be routed anywhere in the room using a touch screen control panel. Displays include the two 75” monitors, which are used primarily for the videoconferencing system.

CTEC was chosen to design and install the new AV systems based on our technical expertise, attention to detail and because we provided a single point of contact who could manage the project and coordinate the entire process from needs assessment, through system design, installation, quality control and post installation support.