Crown of Life Lutheran

Sanctuary Renovation with AV System

Religious services aren’t what they use to be. As the world changes so too do the hopes and expectations of those attending a service. To help make these services more relevant and more dynamic, religious institutions of all denominations are incorporating innovative communications tools.

Crown of Life is a large, active church in Rochester Hills Michigan with a broad range of programs for adults and children. In addition to hosting various religious services and celebrations there are also meetings, presentations, catechism, bible study, choir rehearsal, Sunday school, and any number of other activities that bring groups together in a shared cause. Being seen and heard when addressing or leading a group was the challenge. For technical support they turned to CTEC.

CTEC assessed their needs and the building’s features, and then recommended a turnkey system that also incorporated some of their existing equipment for a cost-effective solution. The sanctuary’s new AV system includes speakers, an amp and mics; projectors, monitors, a camera and switching equipment. It’s all controlled easily in a custom built tech booth. Now ministers and other presenters can reach their audience more effectively, inspire participants, and make points more clearly. Connecting with a congregation is the goal; modern AV systems are an important part of the solution.

One additional component of the sanctuary renovation was to update the lighting to modern standards. Replacing old-fashioned lighting with LED lighting has created a better, brighter environment while also offering important energy savings.