Epitec Inc.

Sound Masking System for Open Office Environment

Earning a spot as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For is a good indicator of the commitment that the Epitec Group makes to its team members. And creating a work environment where employees can thrive is part of what makes them successful.

Epitech is a leading minority-owned recruitment firm for some of America’s top companies who are searching for tech talent. As a growing business they field huge volumes of calls daily from both client companies and individuals seeking new job opportunities. In an open office floor plan noise distraction can be a challenge to productivity and individual focus, especially for a staff whose primary activity is building relationships over the phone. In searching for solutions to these common distractions, Epitech decided on a sound masking system designed and installed by CTEC.

Their corporate offices include two open suites where the staff requires individual speech privacy to ensure comfort and confidentiality. We offered a best-value system comprised of components from Cambridge, a long time leader in the sound technology field. The sound emitters are sleek, unobtrusive and installed easily as a retrofit into existing environments as we did here. The system emits a pleasing blanket of sound over precise areas without affecting adjacent spaces. It’s a cost-effective and flexible solution that will grow and adapt as Epitech does. For modern, open office environments sound masking is versatile, effective and comfortable.